Blaine T. Williams Consulting Services was founded in 1996.

Blaine T. Williams has managed housing rehabilitation projects for small cities through the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs’ HOME, CPD and Disaster Relief programs. In addition, Mr. Williams has trained housing rehabilitation inspection staff in cost estimation, specification writing, procurement, inspection and general housing rehabilitation program implementation in California, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona.

Blaine T. Williams Consulting Services has developed Housing Rehab Pro™, software that allows inspection staff to perform detailed cost estimates, work write-ups and to manage bid data. A detailed general specifications manual is included with Housing Rehab Pro™.

Mr. Williams’ experience as a rehabilitation specialist and state licensed Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessor has been incorporated into his software and training products. These products have been designed to enhance the skills of housing rehabilitation staff and to meet HUD’s requirements for procurement and contract management.

Blaine T. Williams Consulting Services also specializes in housing rehabilitation staff training. On-site staff training includes demonstration of home inspection techniques, cost estimating, specification writing, bidding procedures and construction management.

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